Dairy Competence Builder

Maximize your impact

Build your extension staff’s skills and knowledge for their professional development and measure the impact of extension by keeping farm visit records with KPIs, all in one easy-to-handle digital tool for PC and tablet for field use.

The Dairy Competence Builder ® is an assessment tool with an online targeted learning space that enables efficient management of extension staff and farmers. It strengthens and develops your dairy chain by educating extension staff and farmers in modern dairy practice and increasing production and milk quality.


What can DCB do for you?

The Dairy Competence Builder® can help maximize the impact of your extension by building skills and knowledge whilst monitoring the progress of extension officers, managers, and farms through assessments, farm records, and KPI forms.  


Extension managers perform regular assessments of extension workers to monitor and evaluate the knowledge of extension workers to improve capacity building. Extension workers can follow their own professional development in the app from the regular assessments.  

Farm visit forms

Farm Visit Forms assess the status of all relevant business processes on a dairy farm. Extension workers fill them in and send the farm visit forms for approval to their extension managers. Extension managers can send feedback or approve the farm visit forms. The forms will be stored so improvements of the farm and the reporting of the extension worker can be monitored.  

Training material

Training material (e.g. documents, PDFs, Powerpoints, etc.) can be uploaded by the extension manager to their extension workers. Through assessments, extension managers can identify personal gaps and develop individually targeted training to improve knowledge and skills of a specific extension worker, and therefore improve all extension staff together.

Developed in the field

The tool was developed together with development organizations and dairy cooperatives in Africa to ensure practical benefit and usability

About Us

Agile development

Dairy Competence Builder is in use by Agriterra in Kenya and SNV Uganda to contribute to the realisation of food and nutrition security by supporting agribusiness and smallholder farmers.

We strongly believe that input from the end users is vital for the successful functioning of the system. 

Therefore regular feedback sessions are organised to improve our application.


Why use Dairy Competence Builder?

Dairy Competence Builder offers several qualities to improve the level of extension work in your organisation.


Monitor employee development

Record farming data and KPIs


Targeted learning based on performance assessments


Tailor training to improve KPIs and dairy production

Client satisfaction

Monitor Client satisfaction of extension work by online questionnaire

Farmvisit forms

Monitor the progress and registration of farmvisits and give feedback.

Tailor made assessments

Dairy Competence Builder offers default assessment forms. Forms can be adapted to your situation.


VetEffecT is an international agribusiness, sustainable animal production, animal health and welfare consultancy company providing technical assistance and digital tools in the field and conducting research assignments and sector assessments.

We strive for innovation towards circular animal production in animal health, animal welfare and food safety in lower-and-middle-income countries and to tackle the large challenges they face in dairy development and production. The Dairy Competence Builder® is a small step towards achieving our goals and take into account the sustainable development goals to build resilient societies, and foster human and animal wellbeing.



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